Jane S

“Suffering with chronic skin inflammation as well as difficulty managing general stress and anxiety levels I approached Tess for treatment.

After a thorough, initial assessment. Including my skin condition, other pre existing conditions, body function, lifestyle and diet, Tess began to treat me two-weekly.

Tess is an experienced, calm and compassionate practitioner. She takes the time to understand the individual function, behaviour, rhythm and cycle of the body.

Each session with Tess begins with a shorter assessment. She makes the treatment itself very comfortable and practices high standards of hygiene and safety. I always leave treatments feeling relaxed and often sleep deeply afterwards.

Treatments with Tess has transformed my ability to control, manage and heal my condition when everything else within western medicine has failed.

I wholeheartedly recommend consultation and treatment with Tess.”

Andy .T

‘I visited Tess for a treatment for ‘trigger thumb’ (stenosing tenosynovitis) as this had persisted for a least 2 months and had become quite painful. A few hours after the treatment I realised I could move my thumb without any discomfort or the characteristic jerk. Although some stiffness did return the next morning, it felt much better than it had before and, from then on, got a better day by day. Tess was very professional and put me at my ease. I only wish I had been to see her earlier.’

Jessica P

After suffering with a chronic migraine for 5 months and trying numerous unsuccessful courses of medicine I contacted Tess for an appointment. She interviewed me thoroughly regarding my current health before commencing the acupuncture treatment. Once the needles were in place at certain points I felt an immediate release of tension. My migraine was reduced immediately and I continued a course of treatment with Tess for the migraine specifically and then continued to see her on a less frequent basis to maintain my health and prevent future migraine attacks.

Through Tess, I learnt so much about the functioning of the body and how one organ affects another. I was also introduced to Chinese concepts such as how the weather can affect one’s health. I continue to use Tess to maintain my health and my treatments with her have helped me to understand my body and health in an entirely new way.

Charles D.

I went to Tess Stone with apparently untreatable pelvic problems and a degree of scepticism. After four months, I find her treatment has improved my condition to the point where it is often entirely asymptomatic. I recommend her, and acupuncture, hugely.

Charles D.

Margo H.

Tess’s excellent work has benefited me in recovering from chronic pain and taking care of injuries. I’m very grateful to have found her.

Max B.

I’d really recommend Tess to anyone looking for an acupuncturist. I went to her for two separate treatments and both of them helped a lot. I always felt looked after by her, that her treatment was deliberate and specific, carefully and considerately administered, and effective. Her practice is also a nice zone of calm!

Marion S.

I only visited Tess for a few months, first weekly, then every fortnight or so, before my IBS & digestion system were greatly improved. Tess’s treatment seemed very ‘individual’ and I think she feels her ‘Acupuncture Services’ are very much a personal vocation.

A grateful Client.

Sara O.

I have been using Tess’s services for a couple of months now. Acupuncture has been the only thing that gives me an effortless long term effect on my general health and emotional wellbeing. Sometimes I visit Tess quite distressed and in just one session she is able to “restore” my inner balance so that I feel better immediately. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to improve his or her general health shall visit her. You won’t be disappointed.

Ruby  C.   

Following the first treatment with Tess, I began to feel a shift in my symptoms, and consequently felt some ‘light at the end of the tunnel’, I continued to see her weekly for some months and was elated to observe a new feeling of well being and renewed energy taking place.

I now see Tess once a fortnight to build on strengthening my body and most importantly to be able to cope with the challenges in my work without the burden of exhaustion and anxiety.

M.E. is a very difficult condition to treat, and I consider myself very fortunate to have found Tess. she is both gentle and thorough in her approach, and her fees reflect her humane and compassionate Philosophy to life. I highly recommend her treatments … health is everything.