Where to get help during Covid-19 

Health and Wellbeing:

On Hand

If you are self-isolating and in need of help we have vetted volunteers in your area ready to help with:

        • Shopping drop
        • Medication pick up
        • Running errands
        • Dog walking

        Web:  Phone: 0203 488 4912

        “Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for that one person”. Anon.

      • Build your Immune System and help your own body to fight off infections. How do I do that especially during a lock-down?

        According to Chinese medicine when our energy (Qi) is weak, it suggests the body is not functioning in some way.  How this manifests will depend on our constitution.   For some people a specific organ may have become impaired or for other people, insufficient  Qi may manifest in lethargy or the Immune system becoming weak leaving us more susceptible to illness.

        During lock-down our Qi is being challenged.  Working from home and spending long periods of time on the computer can result in shallow breathing, as our posture can become more distorted and the ability to draw in air to the lungs is impaired. Taking a break to exercise or taking  a walk in the fresh air is an important source of Qi.  Our core beliefs and mental attitudes will also determine our Qi levels.

        Many people are not working due to the pandemic and spirits are low at this time which can result in a sedentary lifestyle manifesting in weight gain often as a result of eating  junk food for comfort. Healthy eating does not have to cost the earth and can be fun to prepare and comforting to eat.

        Homemade soups provide something quick to lift the spirits in these long winter days to include ingredients like chickpea, lentil, sweet potato, or carrot.  Ingredients that provide a sustained source of Qi.

      • Change of seasons 

        As the nights draw in and the days get longer and the need to stay warm and hibernate and conserve energy is upon us, it is common for people to feel melancholy even depressed around this time of year. Autumn is a time when the leaves fall from the trees and wither, grief resonates with this phase, as there is death, a letting go and preparation for new life as the leaves go back into the soil preparing for new life next year,  we also  move inwards and prepare for the long winter months to come. 

        It is the time of year when medical practitioners see an increase in flue, colds and coughs.  According to Chinese medicine autumn is associated with the lungs and nose. The lungs are described as the tender organ as they are close to the surface of the body and are therefore particularly susceptible to invasion of external pathogens. 

        Long walks taking in the midday sun, eating warm foods especially root vegetables  and ginger, ginger was the favourite food of Confusius as it helps to improve circulation of blood and energy ,improves the absorption of vitamin D and repel colds and lift the spirit.   

        Snuggle up with a good book, favourite music and eat at home with friends and family and prepare for winter.