Change of seasons.

 As the nights draw in and the days get longer and the need to stay warm and hibernate and conserve energy is upon us, it is common for people to feel melancholy even depressed around this time of year. Autumn is a time when the leaves fall from the trees and wither, grief resonates with this phase, as there is death, a letting go and preparation for new life as the leaves go back into the soil preparing for new life next year,  we also  move inwards and prepare for the long winter months to come.

It is the time of year when medical practitioners see an increase in flue, colds and coughs.  According to Chinese medicine autumn is associated with the lungs and nose. The lungs are described as the tender organ as they are close to the surface of the body and are therefore particularly susceptible to invasion of external pathogens.

Long walks taking in the midday sun, eating warm foods especially root vegetable in soups and ginger, ginger was the favourite food of Confusius as it helps to improve circulation of blood and energy ,improves the absorption of vitamin D and repel colds and lift the spirit. 

Snuggle up with a good book, favorite music and eat at home with friends and family and prepare for winter.